Doting Dominatrix: a femdom visual novel

Your responsibilities and your home have revealed themselves to be empty promises of stability.

Your reward is nothing but shallow relationships and hollow smiles.

Society makes a mockery of your intellect.

You know your lifeless home is nothing but a prison.

One day, Daisy steps into your life. She's beautiful and kindhearted and you're instantly smitten.

"A dominant woman?" you think. "I could fall into everything she offers."

She'll find ways to use you, but can you present submission that serves her heart?

Develop the relationship between a dedicated introvert and a gentle domme as they learn to cherish the strength within themselves.

In the past, you might have felt the warmth of life and the spark of ambition, but now your days pass by without meaning.

Welcome to the world of Doting Dominatrix: a femdom themed visual novel lovingly written and voice acted by the domme next door.

Story mode. Domination is more than just the bedroom:

  • Written by a real lifestyle domme for the genuine feeling of dating a woman who loves submissives!​

  • A romantic and personal tale for readers who wish for fall in love with their Goddess!

  • Real lifestyle dommes mean real kink: there's often trouble in paradise! Can you support your domme and cradle her heart when she needs you most?

Audio erotica meets lewd hentai! No matter how deep your submission runs, your Goddess will seduce you:

  • Gentle domming - A mommy to pat your head and give you praise. What a good pet you are!

  • Regular femdom - Sweet and spice, so not everything's nice. You might want to be good, but you still deserve punishment!

  • Extreme femdom - A cruel degrading villainess for you disgusting filthy degenerates. You know who you are.

Special holiday releases!​

  • Celebrate Locktober with a Domme who craves seeing your pleasure!​

  • Did you remember to bring your domme flowers for Valentine's Day? I hope you did! She's waiting to spend a loving evening inside with you.

  • It's not Pride without kink, so there's a special script filled with body affirmation for my good girls!

Latest Updates:

  • Body affirmation script for all my good girls! Enjoy ropeplay with your sweet or spicy domme!

  • New Mommy script to remind all my gentle subs that they deserve all the kisses!

  • Cheer captain VS nerd NSFW script released for my degradation fans!